Car Shaking After Getting New Tires – Get Solution

Why is my car shaking after getting new tires?

A new pair of tires give a sophisticated and snazzy look to your vehicle. You are feeling excited about the new tire tread. You are expecting a comfortable ride with a neat-looking vehicle like a new car.

If your mouth starts chattering due to vibration, it will suddenly frustrate you.

You can face this issue due to wheel balance. This issue can easily be solved by adding weights to the tire of your vehicle.  It may cause damage to your rims, wheel misalignment, and other tire malfunctions.

Then you will have to repair or replace your rims, properly alignment of the wheel, and tire replacement. In all these problems, you should take your vehicle to the repair shop as soon as possible and check them for repair and replacement.

Common Issues Caused By Vibration

Unbalanced Wheel

Unbalance wheels are considered the number one blunder. If one of the tires is not perfect it will unbalance your tire. The balance of the tire is shifted towards the thinner and thicker area of the tires.

After fitting the new tires, the company usually provided the balance before refitting the tires and it is considered quite normal for a vehicle.

Damaged Rim

The old uneven tire wears usually hides the damaged rim until you get the new tires. You should inspect the rim because if you have a new tire with a damaged rim the company usually leave it as it is.

Your inspection is necessary in this case because a little and very minor dent can cause vibration in the vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment can also be a cause of vibrations. Wheel alignment can also go unnoticed same as the damaged rim in old tire wear.

The old worn tires issue some time exposed when you install a new tire. Some mechanic shop offers wheel alignment when you installed the new tires. The misalignment in the wheel can be seen when you lost the stripped bolt.

Tire Defects

In some cases, you detect every component of the wheel that play a part in wheel balancing. But in actuality, the tire is facing some other defects. It is quite a normal experience and possibly most of the time.

Overinflated Tires

Tire Inflation is a very important factor but proper tire inflation is key to a good driving experience. Overinflation of the tire even if it is minor but can cause severe vibration and you may feel like bumping in the road.

This is a myth that overinflation is good for your tires, but it is completely wrong and unsafe for you and your vehicle. If someone recommends you overinflate your tires you should never go to them to get any other advice.

Incorrect Remounting

Incorrect remounting is not most commonly observed but you can experience it. The vibration depends on the severity of poor installation.

The serious poor handling causes severe vibration. Mounting is falling from missing and losing the nuts to the misalignment of the wheel.

You can easily avoid this problem by taking a proper visual inspection, checking the bolt’s hole, and taking a look at wheel alignment.

What Should You Do If  You get any Issues With Vibration?

It is very necessary to go right back to the mechanic or shop that installs your tires. If the process and handling cause the problems like vibration then it is very important to check and resolve it.

In other situations, it is only obligated to correct the issue rather than inspect for the cause.


As above discussion unbalance wheel is the most common problem that causes vibration after getting new tires. This is the most common issue and most easily can crack by attaching the lead weight to the rims of your tires.

Sometimes the shop and company attach the balance in the wrong way and it might be possible that the balance of the perfect place fall during driving and causes starting vibration.

This is very easy to fix with some specific pieces of equipment. Most companies and shops have a wheel balancer and offer to balance.


Damaged rims are quite expensive to repair and unfortunately, rims cannot be repaired very easily like unbalanced wheels or others.

As discussed, the minor dent can cause vibration and the steel rim can be repaired easily as compared to the aluminum one.

The severity of damage became complicated and expenses increased with damage severity. If the damage is bad enough to repair you should go to buy a new rim.


Wheel alignment can be attained at home and you can go to a shop for alignment. The vibration due to misalignment can easily be solved by alignment. Whenever you installed a new pair of tires it is recommended that you check for alignment.


As discussed, the damaged rim can only leave the replacement as the last option. This is the same case with car defects that only the replacement of the tire can fix the problem. If you experience the tires damage then it is time for new tires


Overinflation can lead to vibration and may cause severe damage during driving. It is harmful to both driver and vehicle. You can simply fix it by letting some amount of air out. Once you get properly inflated tire pressure and vibration will be gone.

Importance Of Limiting Vibration

Limiting vibration is an important factor for a comfortable ride. Limiting vibration keeps your vehicle healthy and ensures its safety.

Limiting vibration may distract you during driving. And vibration may aid in losing control during driving at high speed.

In addition, excessive and continuous vibration can harm the parts of the vehicle. It will be expensive to change the parts. Limiting vibration is quite safe but long-term vibration should be considered unsafe indirect.


Commonly, you will experience vibration after installing the pair of new tires. It might be due to an unbalanced wheel.

The unbalance wheel problem can easily be solved by attaching the weights to the side. Other factors can also cause vibration.

If we talk about limiting vibration it is safe but excessive vibration can damage the major components of the car.

Most of the issues can easily be solved unless they damage the rims, The damaged rims require a pretty penny for a new one.


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