How Much is a Tire Rotation At Jiffy Lube

How Much is a Tire Rotation At Jiffy Lube

Being an owner of a vehicle, you have certain responsibilities. The main responsibility of a vehicle owner is the maintenance of your vehicle.

If you maintain your vehicle in good condition and performance it will ensure that maintenance costs are always less than the repair costs.

The most vital maintenance includes Engine oil and Tire maintenance.

You will pay an average cost of $40 for tire rotation at Jiffy Lube. The cost of tire rotation varies from location to location of jiffy lube.

Maybe $40 is a bit high than your expectations for a tire rotation but it’s an average price for this.

In addition, if you get oil service at the same tire when you are getting a tire rotation, it will save you precious time.

Services Offered By Jiffy Lube

Formerly, Jiffy Lube offered just an oil-changing service. With oil changing it also offered some other maintenance services for certain vehicles.

Other services such as Brake services, changing filters and fluids, and tire rotation.

Normally, Jiffy Lube charge $40 for the rotation of the tire. This price can vary according to the location.

This fluctuation is because of the average income rate of different states and areas.

But if you take your vehicle to Walmart for tire rotation it is much cheaper than Jiffy Lube.

You can save your money at Walmart. And you can save time if you go to only one shop for all maintenance.

Tire Rotation

First of all, you should be aware of what exactly tire rotation is. Tire rotation is the swapping of the tires of your vehicle.

A simple periodic changing of the wheel, such as swapping the wheel from side to side and front to back.

This specific pattern rotation is a very vital element to keep safe your tire’s vehicle.

Benefits Of Tire Rotation

As the rotation of the tire is required to enhance the lifespan of the tire until its warranty.

Tire rotation is one of the basic maintenance that it provides you a good time to check for any damage, air pressure, tread depth, and balance in case of vibrations.

Even tire wear can be kept constant by rotation of tires regularly.  As tires are in direct contact with the ground so they bear much of the stress that causes uneven tire wear.

Periodically swapping is done in tire rotation because every wheel experiences some stress which is completely different from others.

As such, the front tires face more uneven tire wear than the rear tires. It is because the front tires are most commonly intended for turning the vehicle.

The turning can completely out the tire by the increasing edge of tire wear. If proper inspection is not done it will completely change the shape of the tire.

As compared to the rear tires that manage and bear less stress in turning, and retain a flattered tread shape.

The other reason for more stressed- front tires is that most vehicles are designed with high braking percentages which impact mostly on front tires.

So when the front tires work more for riding a vehicle, they can also keep it down. The 80%-20% front and rear braking percentage is observed in vehicles.

Tire wear is also affected by weight, if a tire experiences more weight it will show more wear issues.

In experiencing the weight problem, this is the front tires that bear more. Because most of the passengers and mainly the engine is loaded on front tires.

Sometimes, the driver’s tire will wear more than others because the driver is a constant resident in the vehicle.

Ultimately, the drive of your vehicle will affect the tire wear. The front wheels are more intended to power from the engine to the road.

So they will experience more degradation in wear as compared to the non-driving tires.

Tire rotation allows a better and uniform amount of wear in all tires. Which increases the overall lifespan of tires and vehicles.

The tire wear also increases the durability by a considerable amount, So this is very important overall.

How Often Should You Get A Rotation Of Tires?

According to experts, you should rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. But this mileage depends upon your driving style.

If your vehicle experience aggressive driving such as the extreme force on the brake can decrease this durability and you will need a rotation before completing 5,000 miles.

But fortunately, most of the vehicles can go last 5,000-7,000 miles. The oil change Cycle should be maintained with rotation.

This will save you time when you get tire rotation and oil change at the same time at a Jiffy Lube.

But in modern vehicles, fully synthetic oil changes the durability of changing the oil. It will be durable two times more than Conventional motor oil.

A full synthetic Engine oil can go last 15,000 miles. In this case rotation of the tire and oil change will go differently.

You will save your money on an oil change by getting a full synthetic oil engine, it will consume less oil and if you need to change the oil is substantially decreased.

But you should take a proper rotation of the tire to maintain it with oil.

Usually, the need for tire rotation is more in Four-wheel and all-wheel drive.

FWD and AWD need more rotation of an average between 3,000 to. 5,000 miles for better performance.

But it should go with managing Oil and rotations.

Can I Do My Own Tires Rotation?

You can perform tire rotation on your vehicle by using its specific tools and knowing the pattern.

You may need a Car jack, lug nut wrench, and jack stand for doing it at home.

All these tools are necessary such as a lug wrench to remove and replace the lug nuts and a car jack stand in all vehicles.

You should be aware of the rotation patterns. You should know what specific type of pattern is needed by your vehicle whether your tires are directional or non-directional.

You may consult the manual for the right pattern.

It also informed that Directional and Staggered tires go with X-pattern, Forward Cross, and Rearward Cross.

While Uniform and Non-directional rotation can be done with more options such as Rearward Cross, Forward Cross, and X-pattern.


Tire rotation is very important and it can extend the life of your tires. Tire rotation is the simple swapping of tires to balance the stress amount in all tires.

The front tire seemed to be experiencing more stress than the rear tires.

The tire rotation cost at Jiffy Lube is about $40 which can vary from location to location of jiffy lube.

You can save time by rotating the tire and changing the oil once at the jiffy lube.

The oil change is also very important for properly maintaining the vehicle.

In modern synthetic engines, the oil can go last for 15,000 miles without any need for change.

You should keep in mind that most of the jiffy lube recommends extra work for your vehicle.

Such as trying to find errors and advice to change your filter. The change filter is good but Jiffy Lube can prefer it when there is no need to change it.

Thank you for reading!

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