What Happens If You Put The Wrong Oil In Your Car

All of us pay a great amount on maintenance and repairing of our vehicles to take it for a long. As you take good care of your vehicle, then it is very important to choose a good oil for your car.

It is very important to choose a good one during change as it prolongs your ride and provides a good ad comfortable ride.

In addition, the Engine is considered the Heart of the vehicle, and the pumping of the heart depends upon the Engine oil. Engine Oil makes the movement of parts easy and reduces friction and reduce heat through its Lubricant properties.

The right oil for your vehicle can increase its life. As you know the importance of engine oil, it is obvious if you go with the recommended oil.

So, it is good that whenever your vehicle needs to change the oil you preferred the Manufacturer’s recommended engine oil.

Till now it is all about the best oil. Now we move towards the topic that what will happen if you put t wrong oil in your car. Some potential hazards might be experienced by you in case of using the wrong motor oil.

Why Your Car Won’t Start In Cold Weather

Engine oil viscosity is very important to lubricate all parts correctly. It should easily flow into the surrounding when the car starts. The letter W refers to the viscosity, the lower will be the number, the dilute will be the oil.

The lower viscosity of the oil is 5W-20 which is dilute and the higher viscosity with the thick flow is 20W-50. You may experience the problem if engine oil is too much viscous.

Excessive viscosity of oil causes an increase in resistance and it will unable to properly lubricate in all parts.

The highly viscous oil is difficult to spread when you start your car engine.  In Cold, the temperature is low which increases the oil viscosity, in a result, the car may take a long to start.

This is because of choosing and filling the wrong oil in the engine. In cold, it will be inconvenient and increase harm’s risk to you and your vehicle in an emergency.

What Happens If You Put The Wrong Oil In Your Car

Burning Smell

Now you are aware that the higher viscosity of engine oil causes delays in starting the car in cold weather. In opposition, the lower viscosity engine oil becomes more thinners in hot weather.

The very thin oil is unable to lubricate and spread in all parts due to a loss of cohesiveness. The viscous one is required for proper lubrication.

The engine is highly assembled with metal parts, during movement of these parts heat and friction are generated which can be prevented by Engine Oil.

If you choose the wrong oil, it will not properly lubricate your vehicle and the increase in friction takes place between the metal parts.

It can be rectified by a sharp burning smell. If the burning of oil takes place in high quantities, it may cause severe damage to your engine.

The irreversible and permanent damage to the engine will be experienced that will shout for a pretty penny to repair. Sometimes the ignored little issues lead to permanent engine failure.

Oil Leaks

If you replace your conventional engine oil with synthetic oil for your old long-mileage car, you might experience an oil leak issue.

Synthetic engine oil with the same viscosity as conventional oil can also cause this problem. Synthetic oil has a completely different flow property than conventional oil.

Synthetic oil squeezes out more rapidly from tight places than conventional engine oil.

The oil leaking might not cause any further damage to your engine, but it frequently emptied your engine and you need to visit more gas stations.

Engine Noises

If you prefer synthetic engine oil rather than conventional oil you will experience the second problem of engine noises.

Oil started leaking and is unable to function properly which generates noises and it will become louder when the plug gets fired. It means that after firing you will notice the loudest sounds and noises.

The reason behind the problem is the same viscosity of synthetic oil also wears off from the parts and unable to lubricate properly.

Low Efficiency

If you fill the engine with highly viscous engine oil It affects your Overall fuel-burning efficiency. The reason behind the problem is that the high viscosity increases the resistance between the parts such as pistons.

What Happens If  You Mix Both Conventional Oil And Synthetic Oil?

This might not cause any damage to your engine if you mix Conventional oil with synthetic oil. You may avoid the addition of synthetic oil to conventional because of its price.

Synthetic oil is refined and hence more expensive. And you will not get any benefits from synthetic, purified, or distilled oil. So usually, the mixing is avoided to get the proper benefits of synthetic oil.

What Happens If  You Mix Both Thick Oil And Thin Oil?

In case of an accident mixing thicker oil with thinner oil and vice versa, you might not experience any sort of damage.

Further, it will change the viscosity of engine oil. It means that you are not using the manufacturer’s recommended oil. So, it may compromise the Quality of the ride.

What Happens When You Mix Different Brands Of Engine Oil?

The most popular brands of engine oil such as Castrol, Valvoline, and Total are known for a comfortable ride. If you mix these brands, it will not harm your engine. You just need to focus on the viscosity recommended by the engine’s Manufacturers.

In case of worry, you should consult an Expert and check the Owner’s manual. It will guide you about the good oil for your engine.

The Wrong oil can harm your engine and sometimes leads to engine failure. So, it’s very important to go with professional recommendations.

Aloha Auto Repairs

A continuous change of oil and proper level filling is a very important pillar of vehicle maintenance. You should prefer an experienced mechanic for this. It will save your expenses per year and prolong the life of your vehicle.

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As you know that engine oil is harmful to both men and the environment so they will discard it and ensure the safety of the environment.

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