Will a Tire Shop Mount Tires Purchased Elsewhere?

Online shopping is a present and flexible way of bought things we need or want or trending. But online shopping is always been a huge headache for many of us. If we want to shop for a tire from an authentic store but online. After bought online tires then we will concern about tire installation. We always focused on the dark side of our shopping.

Will they also mount this tire or install tires for me?

do I get discount tires if I buy tires online?

Do they have service centers?

Or if I return it, will they refund me?

What will be worth more? tires you purchase from online or from a local tire shop physically?

Will they put them and balance the tire for me or not?

When we buy new wheels and tires for our car. We don’t need to do anything by ourselves. They always put new tires on the rim of our vehicles. It’s probably the very first step after shopping for an online tire and that is called tire mounting.

In this article, I’ve tried my best to guide you properly and will answer your all relevant queries that is being related to this topic like mounting a tire and will a tire shop mount tires purchased elsewhere. Plus, I will also guide you about whether you should not have your work to get done at a dealership franchise.

Will a tire shop mount a tire Bought Somewhere else?

No doubt, purchasing a tire is one of the big decision that drivers have to take and it’s not only a difficult task to choose a perfect tire for your vehicle but also very expensive for those who always try ways to save money by finding different things like packages and deals for their best shopping.

When you are done in your searching for the right set of tires at the best price, but now you are anxious that if you take these tire that you have purchased from somewhere else to your local shop that is around or near to your house, will they mounted or balanced them in your vehicle or not? Because this service is not what they are offering or it is not mandatory to avail this service right?

But surprisingly, the answer is yes.

Most tire shops are providing these services to their client and customers. They are contently mounted tires weather it is purchased from somewhere else. Technicians might have charged for their service. So, don’t worry about the installation of a tire into your vehicles.

Some tire shops have a discount offer or package if you purchase your tire from the same shop and will mount them. This is actually a beneficial bonus point for you if you buy the tire for the same shop where you take them for mounting it will help you build loyal relations with a particular shop.

Before deciding what is the best place to purchase your tires, the first and the most important thing that keeps in mind is to consider and check your pocket.

Yes, sure you can probably have tires mounted at a dealership. But you should to know that the dealerships charge additional for tire mount service.

Always compare the cost price with other tire shops whether it’s online or other local shops near your house. Some dealerships may have a demand to purchase your tires from them only then they are allowed to mount them. This is the only way to get their service. They make sure that the tires you have exactly match your vehicle.

The prices of tires installed will vary from shop to shop and may be depending on the area. But it will cost you more inexpensive than others if you take your tires to a tire shop than any other dealership.

In general idea, a tire shop may charge from $15 to $25 for mounting and balancing a tire. But at dealerships, you may have to spend $50 or more than this per tire mounting and its installation. It is a suggestion before shopping for a tire must know the total amount you have to pay for mounting a tire. In this regard, you can get good deals.

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Why you need to purchase tires elsewhere?

Here, I have analyses and deep dig some reasons why you need to purchase tires from elsewhere.

As we all know that after Covid-19 pandemic the shopping taken place almost all over the world. Actually, in lockdown online shopping has pick its peak. Everything that you have to need to know after installing tires bought online. From your kitchen and home appliances to your wardrobe. Even there are also online shops and stores available that is providing online services like driving pick & drop or petrol diesel. yes, people buy tires online too.

Do you know that you can also sell your tires through online service?

There is an extensive variety of shops in local or online stores where you can buy tires for your vehicle. Amazon is also offering a tire section in its list.

Here, I have tried to mention some main reasons to purchase your tires elsewhere and take them to a reputable online tire shop, I hope you will enjoy reading these:

  • You will have a wide range of tires to choose the best one for your vehicle.
  • You can find out the best deals for your car. And save your money.
  • You can find a budget-friendly tire that will not be heavy on your pocket too.
  • If you mount a tire at a nearby tire shop it will cost you lower than a dealership.

You can be doing savings by buying a pre-owned tire like a used tire. But most importantly make sure you’re purchasing is reliable and can tire fit with your car and must be in good condition. Tires have some durability guarantee and plenty of treads left.


So, I’m hoping that I have cleared you’re all your queries and doubts in this article. And it is much clearer to you that tire shops will mount tire purchases elsewhere.

Before shopping for tires must make sure to write these points as options in your notebook OR checklist. Always compare the price from other places and shops. This habit of comparison of money before buying things will save your life. Dealerships are providing their services a little bit more expensive than any other local shop and many different places. So make it very exact and obvious to your choices.

Always recognize & identify your pocket balance. I told you the fee for mounting or balancing a tire may vary from shop to shop. Some shops may charge high amount than the service they are proving.

At the end, I would like to end my article with a wish you always choose the best and have for yourself.

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