How to break a bead on ATV tire – 5 Step simple guide

If you’ve ever had a flat on an ATV, then you know how important it is to have a way to fix it. Breaking the tire’s bead is one of the most frequent methods to repair a flat.

This might be tough if you don’t know how to break a bead on ATV tire, but it isn’t too difficult once you understand what you’re doing. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to break a bead on ATV tire. Stay safe and have fun!

What are ATV tires?

How to break a bead on ATV tire

ATV tires are usually extremely versatile broader and wider tires specially designed for agility, speed and handling. We can also call them racing tires. ATV tires are not only suitable but also the best choice for all types of surface areas.

If you are looking for a better-performing tire then go for this one and you will never be disappointed. They come in all size ranges between 20 to 30 inches. One of the best things about ATV tires is, that you can easily replace or reuse them.

How to Break a Bead on ATV Tire

Breaking a bead on a tire is a process of getting a tire off the rim or you can simply say that to removing or detaching a tire from a rim.

If you are also discovering the coolest and most unproblematic way to break a bead on a tire then you are in a right place. You can have a variety of methods to get this job done in a very fun way. By following through with this, you’ll not only save money but also gain new abilities.

If you have no idea about a tire-mounting machine, then don’t worry this article is perfect on how to break a bead on ATV tire.

The five stages to remove a bead from an ATV tire are as follows: Let’s take a look at them one by one before getting into it in more depth.

  1. Prepare all tools and equipment that is important.
  2. Remove the Valve core.
  3. Put the tire on the ground or any flat surface.
  4. Slide breaker bar between the tire & the rim.
  5. Hit the breaker bar to loose nuts & bolts.

Prepare all tools and equipment that are important.

Preparation is all about doing your work in advance. Make it a habit to prepare all tools & equipment and yourself too when you decide to do some technical or mechanical work. Everyone should have their own tools even if he’s a beginner.

When you have every equipment or tool that you need will save your time and this habit will help you to get your job done very fast. Without it, you cannot perform any activity.

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Remove the Valve core

The next step is to take out or remove the valve core. Before starting with this process first, you need to know about a few things, what is a valve stem & how you can identify it.

A valve stem is a small cylindrical part that is present in the center of the rim and its work is to hold air pressure. Now the question is how you can identify it. It’s easy, a valve stem is always made up of metal and has a small hole in its center.

Put the tire on the ground

This is the most important step to keep your tire on a hard surface. Here you can use two effective methods.

  1. Use a breaker bar
  2. Drive a car on the tire.

Now put your ATV tire on the ground. Make sure it would be a hard surface. After doing this you should place a breaker bar between the rim and the tire. You need to apply more effort and pressure in order to break the bead. Or you can drive your car on the tire many times. This will take less of your energy and effort.

Both methods are useful and effective. You can use any tire lubricating product if you need any lubrication but try to avoid soap lubrication. Go for the professional one that professionals use.

Slide breaker bar between the tire & the rim.

The fourth step is to take a breaker bar and place it in between the rim and the tire. It should be perpendicular to the ground. You need to put more pressure on it in order to detach the bead of the tire from the rim. Once you successfully detach or break the bead then this step is completed.

Hit the breaker bar to loose nuts & bolts.

The fifth and last step is to take a hammer and hit the breaker bar. This will assist with the loosening of the tire’s nuts and bolts. After doing this you need to remove the breaker bar from in between the rim and tire. Now your task is completed here.

Now that you know how to break a bead on an ATV tire, put your knowledge to the test and give it a try! You may be shocked at how simple it is.


Keep your ATV performing at its best!

Every driver should know how to break a bead on an ATV tire. By learning the methods and techniques you will not only save your money but also have an opportunity to learn a brand-new and useful skill.

Yes, you should build your knowledge and learn a new skill even if you don’t need them because learning something new will benefit us. One more fact is most of our skills change into new opportunities.

Certainly, our ATV is our second home. And knowing more and more about our car gives us confidence when we drive it. It will help you to drive safely. Whether it’s an emergency or routine maintenance, you are a pro in car repairing and replacing its parts easily at home by some guide.

FAQs – How to break a bead on ATV tire

Q1. How much time it would take to break a bead on an ATV tire?

Ans. It totally depends upon the type of tire and its size. But normally it takes 20 to 30 minutes for an average sized tire.

Q2. What are the benefits of knowing how to break a bead on tire?

Ans. The benefits are many as it will help you in different ways. You don’t have to visit the mechanic for a little job, and you might save money. Moreover, it is an opportunity for you to learn something new and gain some knowledge and skills about car repair.

Q3. What type of surface is best for breaking a bead on ATV tire?

Ans. A hard and flat surface is best for breaking a bead on ATV tire. It will make it easier for you to complete your tasks.

Q4. Can I use soap water for lubrication?

Ans. You can use soap water for lubrication but it’s not a good idea. Because soap water is not a professional lubricant and it can damage your tire. So it’s better to use a professional tire lubricant.

Q5. What type of breaker bar is best for this purpose?

Ans. A breaker bar with a long handle is best for this purpose. Because it will help you to apply more pressure which is necessary for breaking the bead.

Q6. Can I use any type of hammer?

Ans. No, you can’t use any type of hammer. You should use a soft-faced hammer because a hard-faced hammer can damage your tire.

Q7. What should I do if the bead is not breaking?

Ans. If the bead is not breaking then you should check whether you are doing everything correctly or not. You should also check whether you are using the right tools or not. If everything is fine then you can try to apply more pressure.

Q8. Can I use a screwdriver for breaking the bead?

Ans. No, you can’t use a screwdriver for breaking the bead. Because a screwdriver is not a professional tool and it can damage your tire.

Q9. Where can I buy a professional tire breaker?

Ans. You can buy a professional tire breaker from any car accessories shop.

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