How To Store Winter Tires In Off Season 

Winter tires are considered essential for getting winter Traction. Winter tires are reliable for the next 6 years.

But it cannot run with you after the winter weather. They cannot be used throughout the year  So it is very important to store winter tires in off season.

Once the winter season comes to its end, now store the winter tires properly so that they can be reused next winter.

If you store winter tires in top conditions, they can provide multiple times performances.

How To Store Winter Tires In Off Season

So there are some ways for proper storage of winter tires.

Properly Clean And Dry The Tires Before Storage

Once you swapped your Winter tires with other season tires, then it is time to properly clean the tire before storage for next season.

Take off all the dirt, dust, and road grime. Start with the scrubbing with soap water and a soft brush.

Then rinse all the soap water, you can use any detergent, just wash it thoroughly.

The tires may get rust, so dry them cautiously, you can use a clean towel for drying.

During giving scrubbing your tires take a deep visual inspection for tires wear & tear, cracks, and uneven wear.

Store The Tires In A Cool And Dry Place

Storing on the tire in extreme temperatures or direct exposure to the sun area can melt the tread rubber.

So avoid rubber deterioration and avoid storing the tire in Sunny areas.

Choose a Cool and dry place to store the tires, it may be your garage and basement area.

You must choose cautiously that the humidity and moisture of storing area should be minimized.

Because the moisture provides a favorable environment for the production of molds or mildew.

Store The Tires In A Heat And Chemical Protective Area

Chemical compounds such as gasoline and engine oil might damage your tread rubber.

So make sure that during storage the tires are away from any chemical or heat source.

In addition to these Protections, the sharp object, blades, and projecting tools should also be kept away from tires as they cause punctures in storing tires.

Store The Tires In The Poper Places

The tires that store with rim should stack horizontally with under four stacking high.

This type of placement protects your tires and rims from any accidental damage.

The special design tire storage bags and racks are available in the market, so it is a very good idea to use them for tire storage.

The more you stored it in an organized condition with proper placement, the chances of mold production and dust/debris will decreases.

Check The Stored Tires Periodically

After organized storing check them periodically for ensuring that tires are stored with their proper inflation and no air leaking takes place.

But if you notice any damages, cracks, and punctures during the off-season, you will have to buy a new set of winter tires for winter weather.

Cover Each Tire Properly

As the bags are discussed, So you can buy a variety of bags from online stores.

The Storing bags are available at a cost of about 8 – 50 dollars.

It is easy to place the tire horizontally in air sealed bag and it is very good if you remove all the air from the bags.

Large heavy-duty garbage bags can be air-tight sealed with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Pro Tip

Before Storing your winter tires, you must think that you don’t need winter tires now.

Winter tires have a specific tread pattern that can boost up the Winter and Snow grip and Traction.

But they can also provide dry and wet Traction. Yes! the tire rubber of winter tires can manage optimum traction on all season types of road conditions.

So it is recommended that think twice before Storing your winter tires.

Thank you for reading!

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