How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro – 10 Steps Guide

Sanitation is an outstanding habit. Just like your personal hygiene matters to you and you would be quite embarrassing if someone come into your messy or untidy house.

Just like ourselves, our cars also need some extra time, maintenance, and love.

If you do not wash your car accurately you will get microorganisms and bacteria very swiftly and think about that person for a while who is already allergic to dust.

Apart from this, everyone is highly aware of the Covid-19 pandemic situation and believed that it spread very rapidly not only from person to person but also by touching things and even currency importantly seatbelts and steering wheels.

we should prevent our cars from such disinfectants.

As we think Cars are our Second home.

We just need to have our cars hygienic and distinguish the hacks of how to wash your car like a pro.

Now let’s talk about why need to wash your car.

Why do you need to wash your car?

How to wash a car like a pro

Washing your car regularly is actually important for a variety of reasons and a great idea.

It may extend the average lifespan of your car and its attraction will not fade away expeditiously. Make it a priority in order to avoid any impurities that lead to paint damage.

Bubble wash can improve the condition of your car as it brushes out the mineral or salt deposits from your car.

Do you know these deposits will go into the metal or engine of your vehicle and destroy its health or even birth some bugs there removing this debris and avoiding the deposit can help your engine to live some extra years in the long run.

Washing your car on regular basis like once or twice a week is also a small step but a big investment and you will get maximum paybacks from this little effort.

You might be boosting while driving your car because your car looks shiny & great on the roads.

With the intention of selling your vehicle, it’s very important to give it a perfectly clean and good look. So it will get the candidate’s attention.

Wash your car by yourself

How to wash a car

Any kind of washing is almost best for your car. We all how what’s the benefits of washing a car but this question arises when planning to wash the car.

How to wash or clean a car like a professional by yourself. What are the various methods and techniques of washing a car?

How to discover the best car washing products.

How to wash your car like a pro

The first thing that you need to learn is a step-by-step guide to washing your vehicle and you would absolutely deserve it after all you have spent so much money on your car.

You have to wash your car not only from the outside but also pay attention to the interior room of your car.

Now you need to remove every item or accessory from your car like a cushion pillow including car or seat mats.

The thing that you need first is a detailing brush.

Car Detailing Brush

Car Detailing Brush

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Using a small detailing brush will be worth it all. Because it will easily wipe off all dirt particles and leftover debris that stick anywhere in the car.

A towel or cotton microfiber cloth

Car Cleaning Cotton Microfiber Cloths
Car Cleaning Microfiber Cloths

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Now use a clean cotton cloth, sponge, or a microfiber towel, damp in hot water, or a soapy solution cloth or napkin for dusting your seats and seat belts.

You may be allowed to use detergent powder in warm water because it will certainly not only clean the seats and seat belts but also give your car mild and fresh perfumed effects.

Car Vacuum cleaner

Portable Car Vacuum cleaner
Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

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A car vacuum cleaner will suck all the dirtiness from your car like dirt, dust, or debris particles.

For your leather interior, you can also use the car vacuum cleaner and Clean the oil residue also that is deposited into the leather.

There are some products and sprays also available in the market for leather cleaning it is a quick and easy way to give your leather a silky and shiny feel.

Stain Remover and cleaner

Car Stain Remover
Car Stain Remover

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Now you need a stain remover to remove all the unpleasant-looking stains and spots from your car to give it a new and fresh look.

You will be amazed by doing this small thing with your car. It will probably turn out into a new article.

Dashboard Cleaner

Dashboard protectors
Best for Dashboard Cleaning

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Now pay attention to your dashboard. Avoid using every spray you don’t know much about that because it will leave an oil cast on the dashboard that will naturally attract dust. Use a silicon-free cleaner instead.

Clean the car’s carpet

Carpet Cleaner

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Now it’s time to clean a car’s carpet just like a pro at home by yourself.

Remove all the dirt from your door panels and carpet because these are the ones which is a true dust eater but don’t worry use can use a carpet brush or vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner instead to sweep all the grime particles resting on your carpet.

Glass cleaning tips

Car Glass cleaner
Best For Glass Cleaning

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The old methods you use in your house for glass cleaning are a great and cheapest way to clean a car’s windshield like using a newspaper or a glass viper but if you can afford a glass cleaner then go for it. It’s the easiest way to clean.

Clean the outer body of your car

Good job! You have done a fantastic job by cleaning the inside of the car and I know now you are feeling very light and at peace now it’s time to reach you waiting, to wash the exterior of your car.

Avoid putting soapy or bubbly water on your car it may damage the look and paint of your car and also give it some unwanted scratches.

Probably you don’t want this and professionals don’t do this. You can clean it with plain water to rinse off all the dirt from the exterior of your car.

If you ever want to use soap you have to choose the right one. You cannot use any detergent powder for car washing purposes. So be thoughtful about it.

Tire wash mitt

Tire wash mitt

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Hey! You need to clean the shoes of your car too. You can use a towel or mitt to scrub the rubber and metal alloy parts of your tires.

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Dry your car

Drying the car is the last step you should not neglect. Now you have washed your car like a pro but now you need to dry it like a pro and for this purpose, you can use a microfiber cloth or towel that most professionals use.

Look at your glossy car and how beautifully it is shiny it is also happy now and you are happy too. Enjoy your drive!


This article is specially made for your guide on how to wash your car like a pro.

By following these simple easy and affordable steps you can also become a pro in car washing and can wash your car at home easily.

Make sure all the Do’s and Don’ts that I have mentioned in the article.

The best approach is to use car wash soap and not dish soap or other detergents.

You can also seek a professional car washer help instead but it will demand you money.

I recommend you save your money and do this job for you these techniques will save your life in the long run.

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