General Altimax RT45 tire review – In-depth Review

Touring is one of the best things for human beings. Touring is actually beneficial for us because in this way we meet many people. It gives us the perfect opportunity to make out new unforgettable memories. We try different food and see different views and places.

In fact, we experience different ways to live life happily and explore so many things. Traveling is actually a very important part of our life which we cannot observe sitting by sitting at home.

We should always try to go on a trip latest once a month but make sure that our vehicles and tires also keep cooperating with our tour otherwise our trip will turn into the worst trip ever.

I’m always open to helping others in this way I think I can help you by guiding you about the Altimax RT 45 tire review. So, I think I must share my experience with you all guys so you can get benefit from my experience.

Here I’m sharing my journey trip to Kauai with the General Altimax RT45 tire’s successor.

The General Tire

Let me shortly tell you the background of this tire and its company. The general tire company is actually an American manufacturer based on the continental tire. William Francis O’Neil is the founder. they found This company in 1915, in Akron, Ohio.

If I talk about the feedback, I can give to this tire then the General Altimax RT 45 tire, still needs to do some work with its remaining elements.

It still they received when planning to release the tire’s successor, the General AltiMax RT45, which is slated to arrive at dealer locations starting July 1. admits many of the tire’s elements remain, yet improvements in wear and wet grip take the RT 43’s successor to the next level. Need to improve its wear quality and traction in wet weather conditions to uplift the tire’s successor into its next level

The overall performance of this product is quite good and classy. I don’t feel any hurdles while dealing with the General Altimax Rt45.

The tire is actually reliable when you’re taking it on the Kauai road. It has responsive steering and braking performance is good and its wear longevity convinced me to write a review article for my beloved readers. So let’s get started.

General AltiMax RT45 Review Features

General Altimax RT45 Tire Review

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The General Successor AltiMax has updated its new product and launched it in the market as RT45 which is 10% more advanced and improved in its treadlife quality than its previous version which was the general AltiMax RT43.

As we know that when cars accelerate, braking, and turn, the tire’s shape matters a lot to its overall design. They feature an optimum tire counter that is flatter in shape, tire counter makes the tire extra appropriate for front-wheel-drive applications and makes it easy to mitigate edge wear.

The general tires company claims that their tires contain 45% to 55% environmentally friendly material. The tire is made-up of improved black carbon carried by the environment. They have the ability to perform very well on roads.

Do you know Michelin tires? Michelin Tires have made their invention tires for electric motorcycles that they called racing tires. Michelin claimed that they have made their tire with sustainable materials like General Altimax RT45.

It has some highlighted specifications that turn the general Altimax RT 45 tire into compete able tire in a crowded touring segment. So, this tire could be a great choice for you in the touring aspect. I consider the general Altimax RT tire as a grand touring tire as it claims that it is all season tire which means it has the ability to provide all-season category traction too.

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Wet traction

I was satisfied while driving this tire on wet terrains. No doubt it gives an extraordinary grip on wet conditions. They made the tires with high-quality silica tread compounds. Basically, the silica compounds establish traction and grip on the tire even in harsh weather conditions.

Plus the lateral grooves and tread edges prevent the tire from hydroplaning.

Winter Traction

As it is all-season tires so the manufacturers made it for all-season. It provides maximum but limited traction even in all-weather but its wet traction performance is actually admirable.

Noise and Comfort

Can you imagine going on a trip in an uneasy and unpleasant environment? Similarly, you cannot drive well in uncomfortable conditions. the Altimax RT45 is designed with a computer tread compound so it produces less noise and gives you a better and smooth quality riding experience.

Let’s see its size range.

Size Range

The general Altimax RT 45 comes in various size ranges. The super enormous tire’s size range comes in 136 sizes which are no double tire’s massive size and it covers more than 85% of the touring segments. Its 100 sizes range comes in 14 to 20’’ inches rim diameters.

Another size is 36’’ size that has launched recently in September 2022. Still, you have anticipated that the specialty of this tire is to cover all tire fitments of your vehicle whether you have full-size vehicles like SUVs and CUVs or sub-compacts to minivans. You don’t really need to worry about choosing the right size tire for your vehicle.

Speed ratings

Now one most crucial and critical things is to understand your tire mechanism before you plan to go for a trip because nobody wants to get stuck in the middle of the road due to any inconvenience. Well, The General Altimax RT 45 is leading with three different expertise in speed ratings. And it has been said that this is formulated with a “Power line”

Three Speed ratings are as under T, H, and V speed

  • T-speed ratings: You must know already that T-speed rated tires are generally allied with all standard touring tires. It can support the tire under optimum conditions to run with a maximum of 118 miles per hour that is almost 190 kilometers per hour.
  • H-speed ratings: Similarly, H-speed rated tires is famous for SUVs sports, Coupes, and sedans H-speed is perfectly rated for all passenger cars and crossovers. H speed ratings tell us that the particular tire’s maximum speed is 118mph to 130mph and it can cover 120 km/h.
  • V-speed ratings: V-speed rated tires are good tires they have the ability to handle higher speeds. V speed rating tires indicate they are designed for a maximum speed of 149 miles per hour or 240 km/h.
  • It has well-improved tread life
  • It provide very good traction on wet roads
  • It has very wide range of sizes
  • These tires offers you 3 different speed rating test
  • You may experience very comfortable ride with this Altimax Rt 45
  • It has more competitors drive


The general Altimax RT45 tires are also called “Grand Touring Tires”. It offers a quiet, smooth & comfortable driving experience to its drivers. The successor general Altimax RT45 has passed three speed rating tests. It comes in various variety of sizes so you can easily choose it for your sedans or for your minivans.

No matter, what you have but it will give you the right size tire for your vehicle. It has many more dynamic features than this like it gives very incredible grip on wet roads. Don’t ever neglect the long tread life it offers.

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