General Grabber HTS60 Review & Rating – Tire Review

We do anything that keeps us happy healthy, physically mentally and spiritually. Obviously, it’s common sense for us to prioritize ourselves and promote self-love.

Sometimes we need a break from everything that makes us feel low and tired. Similarly, we should also take care of our car’s health because our vehicles take us and inspire us to see, taste and try new things. The question arises is how do we take care of our car’s health?

The answer is by taking care of the car’s tire we can take care of our Cars health. Make it understandable what your car needs and what will go best with your tire to help the car maintain its overall longevity

Now it’s clear why do need to understand tires before choosing one.

Here we come with the latest General grabber HTS60 review. Its slogan is “All whether” model and the General grabber HTS60 also says that it can fulfil the requirements of urban drivers but let’s check it out does it meet all the needs that it is claimed?

Now let’s move on to the detailed reviews for the General grabber HTS60 tire to ensure if it is worth buying or if it is just a bubble of water.

General grabber HTS60 Review – Features

General grabber HTS60 Tire Review
General grabber HTS60 Tire



In market price the grabber HTS60 got bruiting across, the reason is the more advanced and versatile technology that makes this model 25% more improved and supervised compared to the previous model increases or enhances its treadlife and makes it more durable.

Patented general technology

The grabber HTS60 deals with three diverse expertise that proceeds its performance to another level.

  • DuraGen Technology: this is mainly a technology that is expert to make its appearance feel and cuts in shape. It is one material tire and offers very good cut and chip resistance. They are also contributing to investing in the tread to grip not-so-paved roads.
  • Comfort Balance Technology: Comfort and balance technology shows in its name that it is specifically designed in order to take care of the driver’s comfort and give a perfect comfortable drive. It also has a cushioned layer on the upper side of the tread so you will experience a smooth ride even if the road will paved or bumpy.
  • StabiliTread Technology: stability means solidity and firmness. So the name of the technology is revealing its feature that it is designed to give you a stable ride experience.

Metric and LT sizes tires

 If we go through all the specifications of these tires we come to know that they come in two sizes as mentioned no 1 is metric and the other one is LT. Basically, it was designed for vehicles which carry extra loads like cargo. Its wheel diameters ranging in between 15 and 22 inches. Both metrics’ LT sizes are still undefined and they overlap because the LT size wheels range from 15 to 18 inches in diameter.

Metric size tire

If you feel like you have no choice and you have to take out your car outside whether its cold outside or in wet condition then I will recommend you to go for the metric-size tire of The grabber HTS60 because it has been reported that The grabber HTS60 tires of metric size provide superb grip even on slippery conditions.

LT size tire

Where the LT-size tire has a very improvised planned system and these tires can provide better trade life and stability. They carry heavy loads as well. You can also keep these tires on your list if you are looking for better tread life tires.

Like all the other tires these tires have also been checked under the circumcising of three-speed rating tests. Let’s see what they are carrying as a surprise.

Three-speed rating

Most tires that are fit in any vehicle and can easily found on roads have tested. They have passed one or two-speed rating tests. In this scenario, the grabber HTS60 is not coming slowly. This tire is a complete package of all three rating tests. Hence we can say that the grabber HTS60 has put efforts into its brand to make its products valuable in the market.

  • S-Speed Rating: when we talk about simple and modest speed ratings. We come to know that these tires come with a maximum speed limit of at least 112 mph. in this way of speed any tire can run in a long run without any damage and endure long time sustainability.
  • T-Speed Rating: these tires also come in the modest category speed rating tires because these tires have a maximum speed limit of 118 mph which is slightly higher than S ratings but this limit is still fast. You can also consider this tire for your vehicle if you want a little higher speed.
  • H-Speed Rating: definitely you should go for this one practically. Because the grabber HTS tire has an H-speed rated experience if the local laws allow you to drive at breakneck speeds. It comes with a speed of 130 mph that you drive in the future. This tire will definably meet your all needs if you are looking for high
  • The General grabber HTS60 are high-rated and affordable tire
  • They are considered all-season tires and provide excellent performance on and off roads
  • They are extra comfortable and quiet road noise
  • Cut and chip resistance makes them superior to other tires.
  • They provide great traction and handling
  • They are all-season tires and can be used on bothering paved and unpaved roads and surfaces.
  • They are available in different colours and sizes and are perfect for drivers who want to get the most out of their tires.
  • Some sizes of the general grabber HTS60 are pricy

General Grabber HTS60 Review – Test Drive

General grabber HTS60 Tire
General grabber HTS60 Tire



It’s not a secret anymore that the general grabber HTS60 is the best choice for many car users or drivers. Because of its sublime features, it almost accommodates all points that will full fill your demands.

The way it is designed and the layers of absorption make your ride easier and more comfortable. Its presence will make anyone attract or even impress when you park it anywhere or take it on the road and make it desirable to take your vehicle out of your garage. 

Treadwear and durability

The Treadwear rating and its measurements decide tire treadlife and how much tire is durable but the most important thing that you should keep in mind is also the road conditions. Road and weather conditions are very important to determine other factors that are involved in actual tread life.

Three distinctive features play a vital role in enhancing the durability and treadwear of the Grabber HTS60 performance.

StabiliTread Technology is always counted as number one because it provides better grip even on dry tarmac surface areas.

As already mentioned above the DuraGen technology is considered the second most and easy that has an all-season tread compound. The reason is the flexibility it provides.

It actually permits the tire to maintain variability all year long not only this but it also protects the tires from the scorching beams of the summer and the most demanding of the cold waves of freezing winter.

We have discussed in our article the technologies that benefit and provide better cut resistance and performance and help the tire to grip the road tightly and improve car handling even in dry and wet weather conditions.

If the tire loses grip then a driver needs to exert extra force in order to avoid any accident or stop rotating. A tire with a higher grip can make fewer chances to damage if the grip is not deep enough your car will experience loss of traction and could suffer a lot. Low-thin or shallow tread trenches make it harder to control the vehicle in wet weather.

Dry performance

As the general grabber HTS60 is considered an all-season tire and a good tire model. so it is also considered that these tires perform well and good services on dry and tarmac roads. They are durable in handling and provide comfort levels.

Its optimized symmetric rib tread pattern makes the overall tire performance very countable and admirable. General grabber offers a 50,000 to 65,000 miles tread wear warranty with it.

Furthermore, it is designed to increase handling response and traction, particularly in wet and dry conditions. Throughout the ride, this tire stabilizes the driving and steering response.

We can say that in this way you will experience the steering becomes more accurate and faster than ever. Additionally, the tire manufacturing is designed very thoughtfully that rest very nicely along the road which play an extra role to boost your confidence level towards your vehicle as it will be easy to handle And in your control.

it also has some siping details on its shoulder pattern that increase its biting age and make it capable to drive on to another level.

Wet performance

If you are living in an area where there is rain most of the year and it’s your necessity to drive a car or put your car on wet roads then always choose the metric size one in this range.

Because we supposed that the metric-size tire has specialized features that are equipped with incomparable and exceptional grooves that pass the water from the tire’s breath and keep the tire dry.

Moreover, taking the car in wet conditions eradicates sludge and mud from underneath the tire’s outline marks so, the tire can keep itself dry and avoid any kind of hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning is the worst driving condition that occurs when the car’s tire caught water and loses contact with the road surface. In order to avoid hydroplaning we should slow down our speed while driving on wet roads and never use cruise control and maintain a safe distance from puddles.

Snow Performance

Snow performance tires are designed for extended winter conditions. Winter Tires that can perform well in snow, icy or slushy roads can be checked by their quality and the cut and chip resistance that DuraGen technology authorized the winter tire performance to grip the road tightly and gently at the same time.

It means that they will remain the same and stay softer and more flexible even on cold and icy roads. These tires maintain traction and handling even when the temperature is down below.

Noise and Ride Comfort

Technically and emotionally comfort is no doubt a fundamental need of every human being. We feel more strength and power when we are in a comparable environment. The general grabber HTS60 tires model also looks after our comfort levels.

These tires are equipped with technology that makes our driving experience easier and more comfortable. The importance lies in the fact that sound can make your driving experience more stressful and less peaceful.

When you are constantly hearing sounds that irritate you and it will become easier to lose focus on the road.

It has come with an absorbent sheet which lie under the tire’s tread pattern to balance the mess and noise. Grabber also provides you with sound free noise-free and comfortable riding experience.

Off-road performance

These tires are perfect for people who enjoy driving off-road, as well as those who like to go on long road trips because it is made up of high-quality rubber compound and has a large and greater shoulder which makes them good for towing. You can be listed down this tire or choose its tension freely.

You can use it easily and freely for driving on muddy or rocky tracks since these grabber tires provide better cut and chip resistance. The cuts made in the tire provide healthier hold and traction on risky and harder roads. They are somehow considered extraordinary tires just because of the cuts that mean they work better on highways.


General grabber tires are the ideal choice for drivers who need to transport people or for cargo purposes. They are all-season tire and can provide better and more admirable performance and services on wet or dry traction because it is specially designed for the winter season.

It has absorbent layers of rubber that lie under its tread that gives you an easy smooth noise free and bump-free ride. It offers you a very comfortable feel and environment as a driver. They can carry loads also which is great for all types of vehicles.

It has cut and chip resistance that makes it extraordinary than other tires that provide improvised and strong grip on harder and demanding roads.

The General Grabber HTS60 tires are also considered versatile because they are suitable and can be used for both cars and trucks alike. These tires are an affordable option for people who want a tire that will last for a long time.

General Grabber HTS60 Tire Reviews – FAQs

Q. Is the General grabber HTS60 a highway tire?

Yes, the General grabber HTS60. Is a highway tire.

Q. What is the warranty of the General grabber HTS60 or how many miles the General grabber HTS60 will cover?

the General grabber HTS60 comes with a warranty of up to 50,000 miles and can carry loads of almost all types of SUVs, crossovers, Vans and lightweight pickups.

Q. Is General Grabber HTS60 is a good tire?

yes, the General grabber HTS60 is a good tire model. Because it claims that it is a tire that meets all the requirements of urban drivers and provides better traction handling experience and fulfils all the criteria of comfort levels.

Q. is the General grabber HTS60 tire is good on snow?

yes, you will be amazed by knowing that these tires provide better traction on light snowy roads.

Q. which is the most common thing among all general tires?

A. The one thing which is common among all the general tires is that they all are made up of mettle or rubber.

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