Transeagle Tire Reviews

As one of the businesses in the sector with the most rapid growth, Transamerica Tire Co. Ltd produces a wide range of tires, especially for large vehicles.

Specifically, it has three brands – Freedom, Transeagle, and Starfire – which are all designed to provide excellent value, safety, and performance.

In terms of reviews, customers have generally been very satisfied with the products, praising their durability and affordability.

There have been a few negative comments about the customer service, but overall, Transamerica Tire seems to be a reliable and reputable company.

Why Purchase Transeagle Tires?

There are many reasons to purchase Transeagle tires.

These tires are built to last regardless of the terrain you’re driving on.

They also have a very good warranty, so you can be sure that you are getting a product that is built to last.

Transeagle Tire Standard And Safet

Transeagle Tire is a leading tire manufacturer with a focus on safety.

Their tire standard includes a number of features that make them a safe choice for drivers.

These features include low profile tread, siping, and rigid construction.

Their safety standards also include a number of tests that ensure their tires meet the highest safety standards.

Transeagle Tire Design Features

  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs
  • Unique tread design for enhanced traction and stability
  • Lightweight and durable for long-lasting use

Transeagles are specifically designed for heavier vehicles, so they’re more durable than other tires.

Delivery trucks and trailers usually carry a lot of weight, which can cause them to wear out quickly.

If the tires are of low quality or don’t have the strength to handle regular use, the truck or trailer will suffer greatly.

This is why it’s important to opt for a trusted brand like Transeagle; these tires are high in durability and easy on the pocket.

Transeagle tires also come with low rolling resistance that increases efficiency and decreases fuel expense.

In the long term, these are also great for the economy as they reduce environmental damage.

Best Transeagle Trailer Tires

The Top 3 best Transeagle Trailer Tires include 14-ply, 12-ply, and 10-ply heavy-duty.

Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Premium Trailer Tire 

Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Premium Trailer Tire – ST235/85R16 132/127M G (14 Ply)
ST235/85R16 – 14 Ply trailer tire

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The Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Premium Trailer Tire is a top-quality tire designed for use on trailers.

It features robust construction with 14 ply steel radial construction and a heavy-duty tread pattern that provides excellent traction and long-lasting wear.

The Transeagle ST Radial tire has positive features. The tire is extremely durable because it is made entirely of steel.

It has a 14-ply rating, which means it can carry a heavy load.

This tire is offers a load range of G, meaning it can handle up to 4409 pounds. The tire has a speed rating of M and comes with a limited warranty.

Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Heavy Duty Premium Trailer Tire

Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Heavy Duty Premium Trailer Tire – ST225/75R15 121/117M F (12 Ply)
ST 225/75R15 12 Ply trailer tire

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The Transeagle ST Radial All Steel Heavy Duty Premium Trailer Tire is an excellent choice for those who need a tough and dependable tire for their trailer.

It is made with sturdy, high-quality materials that can take a lot of wear and tear.

It has a 121/117M F (12 Ply) rating and is available in size ST225/75R15.

The Transeagle ST Radial Premium Trailer Tire provides excellent ride quality, thanks to its all-steel construction and radial design.

This tire is specifically designed for trailers, providing superior stability and durability on the road, a load capacity‎ of 3197 Pounds and a Speed Rating‎ of M.

It also features a heavy-duty tread that is designed to resist wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for those who tow frequently.

Transeagle ST Radial II Premium Trailer Radial Tires

Transeagle ST Radial II Premium Trailer Radial Tires-ST225/75R15 117/112L Load Range E LRE 10-Ply
ST225/75R15 10-Ply trailer tire

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These Transeagle ST Radial II Premium Trailer Radial Tires are the right tires for those who need a high-quality, long-lasting tire for their trailer.

With a load range of E and 10-ply construction, these tires can handle even the heaviest loads. Load capacity‎ 2833 Pounds, Speed Rating‎ L.

The Transeagle ST Tires provide excellent ride quality, thanks to their advanced radial construction.

These tires feature a special tread compound that helps resist tread squirm for enhanced stability and handling, while also providing a comfortable ride.

Additionally, the strong steel belts help keep the tire shape uniform, further improving the ride quality.


In this Transeagle Tire review, we discuss the Transeagle Tire as a reliable and affordable tire that is perfect for those who are looking for a quality product.

It is durable and provides the best traction, making it a valuable choice for both off- and on-road use. With its wide range of sizes, there is a Transeagle Tire to fit almost any vehicle.

FAQS – Transeagle Tire Reviews

Where are Transeagle tires manufactured?

Transeagle tires are manufactured in China. The company has been making tires for many years and is one biggest tire manufacturers in the world.

These tires are imported to the United States by Transamerica Tire Co. Ltd.

What is the highest rating of a trailer tire?

The highest rating of a trailer tire is load range G. This means that the tire can carry up to 4409 pounds. The load range is based on the tire’s ability to carry a certain amount of weight at a given pressure.

Is radial or bias better for the trailer?

Several factors must be considered, such as the type of trailer and the intended use.

In general, radial tires offer better fuel economy and traction, while bias tires are more durable and have a longer lifespan.

At the end of the day, the best trailer for you is the one that fits your needs and requirements.

What trailer tires are made in the USA?

American trailer tires are made to last. They are tough and can handle a lot of wear and tear.

They are also designed to grip the road in all weather conditions. Whether you are pulling a trailer in the snow or in the middle of a heat wave, American trailer tires will get the job done.

What are the load ratings on trailer tires?

The maximum weight that a trailer tire can safely support is indicated by its load rating.

The load rating is usually stamped on the side of the tire, and it is important to choose a tire with a load rating that is appropriate for the weight of your trailer.

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