Does AutoZone Fill Tires For Free – AutoZone Services in 2023

Does AutoZone Fill Tires For Free? Before answering this question you need to know what AutoZone stands for.

AUTOZONE stands for Automotive aftermarket parts, Since 1979. In the US more than 6400 AutoZone stores are providing their services. But You should be aware that what services are offered by AutoZone and what are free.

In this Blog, we will discuss all the Free Autozone Services.

Can I Get Air-Filling At AutoZone For Free?

AutoZone and many other afterpart shops offer free tire filling. It is not an official action that they serve it free every time. Most of us experience tire filling at a gas station.

It is very feasible for a gas station to fill the tire with an air compressor at a gas station.

Most gas station charges you for filling the air in a tire. But if you know that the law exists regarding the free filling of air at a gas station. According to law, the one who purchases the fuel at the gas station can fill their tires for free.

AutoZone Free Offers

The maintenance requires a pretty penny either if you have an economic vehicle or a luxury Car.  The car’s equipment is assembled in which tens of thousands of parts are failed eventually.

It is fact and you cannot get rid of it. If in this situation, AutoZone offers any services for free, it will surely be in favor of customers.

AutoZone services are:

Scanning codes of your engine.

Check the voltage of the batteries.

Inspect for starts and alternators

Inspect your Car parts

Battery Replacement.

AutoZone Free Car Scanning Offer

If you see the alarming flashlight on your dashboard, AutoZone will help you by scanning the engine for code and reading them correctly.

AutoZone utilizes its trusty fix finder diagnostic tool for scanning. All potential codes can tell you potential issues by scanning them with Fix Finder diagnostic tool. Then AutoZone will offer you how can you solve them permanently.

The Fix Finder diagnostic tool is completely free for using and you can get help from an AutoZone assistant in case of misunderstanding.

AutoZone Free Battery Voltage Testing

All AutoZone stores offer a free test of battery voltage if they have all important types of equipment in hand. It’s worth it if AutoZone offers this service for free.

Because battery voltage can tell you the overall state and condition of the battery. It means that AutoZone is offering all alternators and battery voltage checking.

AutoZone Free Alternator And Starter Testing

Most people are aware of the troubles of electronic cars’ batteries. This is the most common electrical components issue considered. But sometimes it is due to the Alternator problem which starts messing with your battery.

You can easily avoid this situation by taking your vehicle to an AutoZone store. They offer free checking of starter and alternator.

AutoZone Free Installation Of Windshield Wiper

AutoZone is a known brand in the market which provide an afterpart for your vehicle. So, you might be gone to purchase windshield wipers for your car from your nearer AutoZone store.

Graded, AutoZone not only provides you with free windshield wipers but also installs them for you without any cost.

Which Parts Will AutoZone Test For Free?

As above discussed, AutoZone tests your car’s battery voltage and engine scanning. In addition to the above free services, AutoZone also tests electrical control modules, coils of the car, sensors of throttle position, engine regulations, and starting ad charging systems for free.

AutoZone Free Battery Installation

If less than 10 mins are required, AutoZone will happily install your new battery without any cost.

As you are aware that batteries are placed under the hood of the truck and the seat of the car so it will not take much time to replace the battery.

The battery is installed free of cost by AutoZone service.

AutoZone Exchanges Old Batteries For Money

Batteries are one of the hazardous components as they harm both man and the environment. This is the main reason that Recycling batteries are preferred to avoid landfilling from batteries.

Recycling reduces landfilling and preserved your resources for a long week.

Mercury, lead, and calcium are the main components of any battery that make it a dangerous and polluting substance for the environment.

They contribute to land pollution, kill animals, and harms a human. So, it is good to go for recycling batteries.

Whenever you need to recycle so remember that AutoZone is offering the exchange of batteries and even old batteries can exchange happily in an AutoZone store.

Most of the Afterparts shops exchange your battery for a pretty penny. So, it is recommended that you take your battery to the Local AutoZone store, they will recycle it with taking great pride.

Mechanical Service Offered By AutoZone

As discussed, AutoZone offers most of the testing like scanning your engine, battery voltage, and windshield wipers. Besides these simple tasks, AutoZone services can also replace your local mechanic.

An AutoZone can provide you with more efficient service than a local mechanic if you buy a new headlight and select an AutoZoner to install it, the AutoZone services will be more reliable and they will fit it with more ease and excellent handling.

Overall, it does not mean that the employees of an AutoZone store are more experienced. AutoZone employees are not properly trained but they might be able to help you in a very tricky way.

The simple maintenance and repairs which are necessary for your car can easily be done by an AutoZoner.

It is possible that an AutoZone mechanic is not professional in work and they might not beat the experience of an expert mechanic. But gladly, they can refer you to an Expert for your maintenance and repair work. It shows that the overall aim is to provide a good ride to the customer.


AutoZone is providing their service since 1979 in the US. According to law, at a gas station, if you purchase fuel, the tire filling should be offered for free. AutoZone is providing free tire filling. You can easily fill your tires for free at the local AutoZone store.

Besides these tire filling, AutoZone offers some testing like Free car scanning of code for engine checking, and battery voltage checking which can tell you the starter and alternator’s overall condition AutoZone also install your windshield wipers for free.

Other than this, if you buy headlights an AutoZoner employee can install it for you. AutoZone is stand with all its Afterpart store and brilliant services in the Market.

Thank you for reading!

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