Arroyo VS Michelin Tires

Buying new tires can be a confusing experience. There are many brands, sizes, and types of tires to choose from that are right for your vehicle. If that’s not hard enough, you’ll also need to keep an eye on your pocketbook to make sure the tire you choose fits your budget.

Arroyo Tires aims to make this process seamless. This is a brand that claims to offer premium tires with excellent handling at an affordable price. That last part might raise some eyebrows, especially from people who know what Continental and Michelin pay for their tires.

But as our Arroyo tire review shows, this American private label has managed to strike the right balance between price and performance. As a result, Arroyo tires have been the first choice for those who have already used them while climbing the ladder to household name.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Arroyo tires. Let’s kick things off by reviewing some of the brand’s best-selling models. Next, before concluding this review, we will focus on the pros and cons of Arroyo tires by answering some frequently asked questions.

Arroyo or Michelin Tires

 Arroyo Tires Review

Let’s take a look at the Arroyo tires currently on the market

1.  Grand Sport A/S

Arroyo Grand Sport A/S is a good all-round tire in terms of price and quality. Its wide range of sizes means this tire is suitable for most mid-size sedans, small cars, compact cars, and small crossovers.


The outer shoulders of this tire have anti-wear zones. They are responsible for increasing the contact surface of the tread with the road to prevent premature wear. Belts also improve the braking performance of this tire by reducing braking distance in dry and wet conditions.

Arroyo does not provide much information about the pacing of this model. It says there are four wide longitudinal grooves in the tread area to improve water drainage. Thanks to these grooves, the risk of aquaplaning is reduced and the performance of the tire on wet roads is improved.

Road noise is almost minimal with this tire. Credit goes to its stepped tread design and tightly angled tread grooves. Both work together to minimize road dissonance and ensure a quiet ride.

In terms of warranty, Grand Sport A/S cannot compete with its budget peers. The 40,000-mile warranty is much less than tires like Waterfall, Achilles, and Vercelli. So, some corners were cut to keep the price of this model low.


  • Competitive price
  • Offers a quieter ride than most budget tires
  • Reliable wet performance
  • Tolerates hydroplaning fairly well


  • Small tread warranty

2.  Eco Pro A/S

Here’s another pocket-friendly all-terrain tire from Arroyo.  Eco Pro A/S is less performance-oriented and more focused on being a reliable four-weather choice for passenger cars. Enthusiastic drivers would therefore be better off using Grand Sport A/S.

The fact that the Eco Pro A/S is designed for “Sunday morning” drivers is evident in its features. Multiple tread patterns on the outer edge ensure that as little noise as possible enters the cabin. Tread patterns also play a role in limiting tread wear, which extends tire life.

There are four wide circular grooves inside the wear surface. Their job is to effectively remove water from under the tire footprint. It’s not just a career that does it with aplomb. But they also offer an extra grip with excellent drainage.

Low rolling resistance and even lower fuel consumption make this tire an ideal choice for environmentally conscious drivers. Backed by a 55,000-mile warranty, this tire is designed to last several years before needing to be replaced.


  • Competitive price
  • Offers a quieter ride than most budget tires
  • Reliable wet performance
  • Tolerates hydroplaning fairly well


  • Small tread warranty

3.  Grand Sport 2

The Grant Sport 2 is Arroyo’s high-performance all-ply tire. It is designed to fit premium coupes and family sedans.

All-season versatility is almost a given for this tire thanks to its all-season tread compound, which provides excellent grip and traction in dry and wet conditions, including light snow. At the same time, it does an excellent job of dissipating heat, the worst enemy of any tire.

Two ribs with convex grooves give this tire all the stability it needs to stabilize your vehicle at amazing speeds. Multiple lamellae within the tread repel water, and the flat center offers the best grip year-round.  As with all UHP tires, the Grand Sport 2 has a trade-off: this tire tends to wear faster than conventional off-road tires (as discussed above). This makes them less than ideal for drivers who don’t want to push their vehicle too hard.

The Grand Sport 2 has a lower starting price than the Eco Sport A/S, although this tire has a longer wear (55,000 miles). Therefore, if you have a sports coupe or sedan and feel like taking your vehicle, the Grand Sport 2 may be the better of the two.


  • Reasonable price for a UHP edge
  • Provides maximum grip in dry and wet conditions
  • Water leaves the tread quickly
  • Comes with a 55,000-mile tread warranty


  • Wears quite quickly

4.  Ultra Sport A/S

Many drivers will tell you that you have to break the bank to get a performance tire. This may have been true in previous decades when the tire market was not as full of affordable brands as it is today. But as  Ultra Sport A/S shows, you can get performance on a budget.

Designed for passenger cars, Ultra Sport A/S has a silica-enhanced tread compound that is stiff enough in summer and flexible enough in winter conditions. An optimized 3D siping detail gives the tread compound all the support it needs for optimal dry and wet traction.

Arroyo claims that this tire is useful in light snow, too. We aren’t convinced of this claim. There aren’t simply as many sipes (biting edges) around the tread area for that. Neither does the tire come with an M-S rating. Therefore, it is recommended to keep this tire away from snow.

High-speed performance is one area where this tire excels. Hard cornering and acceleration cannot affect the wear of this tire, which looks like it has aged. Both the traction and grip on offer are decent enough to push the Ultra Sport A/S to its limits.

A 45,000-mile warranty is nothing to brag about, especially considering Grand Sport A/S gets another 10,000 miles. This is surprising since the Ultra Sport A/S costs twice as much as its UHP sibling.


  • Excellent speed control
  • Holds water like magic
  • Low road noise even at high speed


  • affordable affordable tire

5.  Eco Pro HT

Eco Pro HT is an all-terrain tire designed for use in all-terrain vehicles and light trucks. With its competitive price and great features, this tire offers everything drivers are looking for when purchasing the next set of tires for their vehicle.

The all-season tread compound and symmetrical tread design give this tire four-weather traction. The tread compound remains flexible for year-round use, while the tread design helps the tires maintain grip in dry, wet, and winter conditions.

Handling is also better than average with this tire. Its three continuous central blocks and one rigid tread block ensure this. The step block also plays a role in improving steering sensitivity, which deserves the attention of enthusiastic drivers.

Road noise can be heard from below. The five-degree slope dampens road noise and makes the driving experience comfortable and quiet. And four wide circumferential grooves effectively remove water from the tire footprint, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.


  • Holds its shape under pressure
  • Grooves on the shoulders dissipate heat quite quickly
  • Almost noiseless


  • Average wear and tear

6.  Tamarack M/T

The Tamarock M/T tire is designed to provide excellent performance in rain, mud, and snow. Its clearance capability means this tire will also help you when scrambling over rocks. Unless you’re intimidated by its asking price, which is huge even for a muddy off-road tire.

Start with positive things. Two aggressive treads are the reason why this tire maintains the same grip in dry, wet, mud, snow, and rocks. Thanks to them, this tire works just as well on wet terrain as it does on muddy terrain.

Wide cracks in the tread area do not take long to remove water particles. The space between them is wide enough so that stones and other materials do not stick. This self-cleaning nature also applies when this tire is dealing with mud and slush.

And then there is the outstanding price of this tire. Arroyo fans note that its 40,000-mile tire warranty goes a long way in justifying the price. And they would be right. Mud off-road tires just don’t offer the warranty that anyone who doesn’t want to confuse them with A/S tires would.


  • 40,000 mile tread warranty
  • Excellent grip in wet, mud, and snow
  • Wide grooves quickly remove water, mud, and stones


  • Limited sizes available

7.  Tamarack A/T

Who says all-terrain tires can’t be rated? The Tamarock A/T is proof that you can handle all your off-road needs without breaking the brakes. This all-terrain tire may be more expensive than other Arroyo offerings, but it is still cost-effective compared to other tires in its category.  The Tamarock A/T has what it takes to conquer off-road vehicles. Its staggered tread blocks and wide grooves improve the tire’s handling on rough terrain while increasing traction in dry, wet, and winter road conditions. It’s a small wonder that this tire works great on muddy terrain.

Its high clearance and staggered tread elements keep the tire track clean and remove mud, snow, and stones trapped between the tread elements. All this prevents mud and snow from entering the road from the contact surface of this tire, ensuring reliable off-road driving. A close look at the footprint of this tire shows that the surface is smoother than other AT tires. Arroyo decided to intentionally increase the on-road usability of the Tamarock A/T.

But keep in mind that this tire is not cheap, either compared to other Arroyo tires or premium off-road tires like the General Grabber hts60 review and General Grabber ATX tires. However, given the offerings, this is to be expected.


  • Excellent handling in off-road conditions
  • Excellent grip in wet, snow, and mud
  • Does not produce much noise compared to an all-terrain tire


  • Dear Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions about Arroyo tires:

 Is Arroyo a good tire brand?

Arroyo is a trusted tire brand for all-terrain, high-performance, high-performance, and all-terrain tires. Arroyo tires offer excellent grip, handling, braking performance, and durability without burning a hole in your pocket unless you opt for their expensive off-road or mud truck offerings.

In which country are Arroyo tires manufactured?

Arroyo tires are made in the USA. Arroyo is an American-branded company specializing in quality tires at value-added prices. In most cases, Arroyo tires cost much less than Michelin Defender ltx m s Review and Continental tires.

Are Arroyo tires good in snow?

Tamarock A/T and M/T tires perform very well in snow. Their silica tread compound, aggressive tread design, and self-cleaning feature allow these tires to handle snow quite well.

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